The Calli bitless bridle is available in 3 options:

  1. As a complete bridle with choice of shank, including reins.
  2. Complete noseband with choice of shank  (to use with your existing bridle)
  3. Noseband/curb straps only (to use with your existing shank & bridle)

Nose & Curb Straps

Both straps feature butter soft, thick padding with excellent adjust-ability with quality chrome buckles. They are available in cob/full sizes

Shank Choices

The Calli bridle comes with the Love shank as standard, however we allow you to customise this option and choose from  a selection of shanks that we stock in house.

Headstall Features

The key features of this headstall are why it is the most popular headstall we stock.

The bridle is fully leather, made with quality chrome buckles and rings and is available in black or brown to match your existing tack.

Anatomical design avoids sensitive nerves and nicely placed jowl strap helps with stability of the shank. 

The headpiece offers ear relief, padding and is slightly wider over the poll.

Easy jowl strap on/off clip. Notice also the padding behind the clip which protects the horse from metal parts.


The Calli headstall-only option can be paired with other nosebands to suit your horse. Shown here with the Orbitless shank, (available separately).

Curved and padded rolled browband matches the Calli noseband.


Excellent adjust-ability and quality buckles/chrome pieces. 

Available in sizes cob/full.

Stopper on the cheek pieces stabilizes the browband to keep it in place. Helps to avoid/reduce any pressure on the TMJ.

Bridle Trials & Fitting

Our specialist bitless bridle fitters are on hand to help you find the perfect fit and design for you and your horse. 

This service is offered through our Bitless Boutique, find out more visit

How to Purchase

If you have already decided that this is the right bridle for your horse and you would like to purchase one of the configurations, please see the below links to purchase directly with us.

We usually have most sizes, colours and shanks in stock. If you can’t find what you need please get in touch with us