The information on this page is not intended to replace professional saddle fit consultations, however, we believe it is of benefit to those who would like to know more about saddle fit, our approach and also how to check sizing before purchase or direct trial. If you are unsure about any of this information and wish to take up our professional saddle fitting service – virtually and where possible, in person – please click here.

Saddle Fit Measurements

Saddle Length

In any saddle design, the weight bearing portion of the saddle should never exceed the last rib. We determine this following studies on pressure distribution of both treeless and treed saddles.

The soft tree saddle cantle should not exceed the last rib. The complete panel should distribute pressure to the back muscles.

The fully treeless pommel saddles have a similar design to a western saddle in that the skirt does not distribute direct pressure – this was seen in pressure testing a similar design of treeless saddle. This means that the back from center portion of the cantle and the skirt may fall past the last rib.

If you’re unsure and would like professional advice, our fitters will be happy to assist you.

Saddle Placement

The recommended placement for a treed saddle is behind the shoulder as shown at the red line. 

This is where we recommend fitting the soft tree saddles, as even though the tree is flexible, it still has a solid point (albeit much shorter than a regular tree!).

Fully treeless saddles may be placed further forwards, but only if this fits both static and dynamic. It is very individual to the horse, their conformation and way of going. If you see saddles held by breastplates and cruppers, this means that the saddle may move out of flow with the horse’s body and does not fit correctly/ Breastplates are designed to aid saddle stability going up steep inclines, not to stop slippage of general movement.

Our fitters can assess your horse and give you feedback before and during a saddle trial.

Pommel Size

EDIX Pommels are available in sizes XSmall – XXLarge

Check the pommel size requirements download & print the EDIX Pommel Sizing template PDF. 

The saddle’s pommel should be fitted from the point of the shoulder, and the highest point of the cantle should not exceed the last rib. Pommel saddles have a similar design to a western saddle in that the skirt does not distribute direct pressure. This means that the back portion of the cantle and the skirt may fall past the last rib.

If you believe your horse to be on the slim size and you’re working to build up, we recommend purchasing the next size up in addition to the current fit, if your horse has a rounder physique and you’re looking to tone up and slim down then we recommend purchasing the next size down in addition to the current fit. This is advisory as it saves you time and means you have the right size to hand as your horse changes shape. We recommend checking the pommel sizing at least every 6 weeks or sooner if you see a noticeable change in body shape.

Soft pommels may be used where no fixed pommel size fits – helpful if the horse has a high wither or is exceedingly wide.

No tools are required to change the pommel as these are unzipped from their compartment at the front of the saddle.

Gullet Plate Size

EDIX Gullet plates are available in sizes XSmall – X Large

If you would like us to have the correct size pre-fitted for you, please download & print the EDIX Plate Sizing template PDF.

The soft tree saddles come with a full set of plates for you to change as required. To change the plate, you will need a Phillips screwdriver to remove and re-secure 4 screws.

Fitting the Rider

EDIX Soft Tree Saddles

EDIX Soft Tree Saddles are available in sizes 15″ – 18″ including 1/2″ increments e.g. 17.5″. EDIX stock saddle sizes 16″, 17″ & 17.5″. If you require a different size saddle these are made to order and take approximately 4 weeks.

EDIX Treeless Saddles

EDIX Treeless Saddles are available in the following sizes:

XXS Junior (10″ English) – Recommended for riders ages 4-6 years

XS Junior (12″ English) – Recommended for riders ages 8-10 years

Junior (13.5″ English) – Recommended for riders ages 12+ years

Small (15″ English) – Recommended for riders size 8-10 UK adult

Medium (17″ English) – Recommended for adult size 12-14 UK adult

Large (19″ English) – Recommended for adult size 16+ UK adult

Convert Sizes

See the international clothing chart below to convert sizes.

EU 36384042444648

Fender Length

There are several fender lengths available to cater for all rider heights.

We recommend that adult riders with an inside leg measurement of 29″ or less select the short fenders, riders with an inside leg measurement of 30″ and above select standard.

Professional Fitting

If you would like to arrange a fitting consultation with professional support all the way through your purchase (including the option to trial a saddle), please click below to visit our fitting page.

Ethical Saddle Fitting


HHS fit and supply saddles for horses 5+ years. We do not fit or wish to supply saddles for horses below this age due to the immaturity of the growth plates on the horse’s back (see research based on the works of Deb Bennett PhD). If we suspect the horse is under 5, we may ask to see a passport copy to check. Any cancellation fees due to age will not be refunded. However, they can be redeemed when the horse reaches their 5th birthday or can be credited towards the purchase of a bareback pad which we trust will be used for ground training.


The fully treeless (pommel) saddle are recommended up to a maximum rider weight of 85kg; however, due to the additional layers inside the Tequiro, the saddle can take riders above 85kg.

The soft tree saddles have been rider tested to 100kg while maintaining full integrity and optimum pressure distribution.

It is recommended, based on scientific research that the rider and saddle should not exceed 20% of the horse’s body weight, 10-15% is optimal. We reserve the right to refuse a fitting where there are doubts about meeting these minimum standards.


If the rider saddle size and horse saddle size requirements are not compatible, we may not recommend a treeless or soft tree saddle for this combination. In this case, we may recommend a bareback pad or Total Contact Saddle with an EDIX pad combination for optimum rider and horse comfort. This situation is not totally uncommon where a horse has an unusually short back. When in doubt, we recommend booking a fitting consultation with a professional saddle fitter.


We assume when fitting a saddle that the horse has been checked and cleared as healthy before the fitting/sizing. If you are experiencing any behavioural issues with your horse, such as napping, rearing, bucking, or even biting to girth, you invite a qualified physio to work with your horse before booking a fitting or ordering a saddle. We will perform a basic assessment at in-person fittings to check for any soreness, and we will ask you to perform some of these checks also for virtual assessments.

If we refuse a fitting based on any of the above, we thank you in advance for your understanding.

Saddle Fitting July 1, 2021