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Benefits of Treeless

Treeless saddles have existed since the dawn of horse riding. 10,000’s of riders have turned to treeless when trees failed their horse.  Are you tired of changing saddles every 6 months? Paying out €100’s every year for adjustments and STILL you horse just doesn’t seem happy?

Discover why treeless could be the answer for your equine partnership.


Easy to Fit

Unlike treed saddles, treeless saddles can be adjusted much more easily by the rider. We offer virtual 1-2-1 personalised training and ongoing support from professional treeless saddle fitters.



Treeless saddles offer instant freedom of the shoulder, allowing your horse to increase their range of motion and improve movement.
Riders report improvement in their horse's back muscles.



Treeless requires the rider to improve their seat and balance. While this requires some work on the rider's part, it will improve riding and posture which is positive for both horse and rider.


Finding the right saddle

It’s our job to find the right saddle for YOU and YOUR HORSE.

Our consultation service offers you the opportunity to answer your questions and help find you the best solution while being mindful of your riding style, comfort and budget. 

We know these saddles inside out, so let us help you pick the right features and materials PLUS we offer 14 day trials on many of the saddle styles we offer.

Choose from many Saddle styles

GP, Versatile, Western ,Dressage, Total Contact , Bareback Pad, Soft Tree, & Fully Treeless

trial saddle Availability


During your free fitting consultation we will ask for photos and measurements. This is to ensure that the saddle you trial or order fits YOU and YOUR HORSE.

This process is designed to empower owners to understand more about their horse’s anatomy and the role of the saddle. But don’t worry, we break everything down and we’re on hand for support if you would like our advice. 

You don’t need any prior knowledge of saddle fitting,  however you will learn how to assess and adjust saddle balance through the virtual fitting process. 


What Riders say

Don’t just take our word for it…

"I’ve had my EDIX Libre saddle since the end of may and it’s just a brilliant saddle , because it’s so customisable it’s my go to saddle for the whole yard and it’s really changed my horses attitudes to work. So glad I’ve gone treeless "
Cora Halloran
"I've owned my Edix Tiamo saddle for 3 months now & can honestly say it's the best saddle I've ever owned. It is beautifully made & of such high quality; the leather is so soft! It's really secure & I love how I can feel every movement from my horses back."
Beki Anderson
Horse rider
"I have had my Total Contact Saddle for three months now as I wanted to ride in it for a while before putting my review on. My horse and I absolutely love it and I would never go back to a normal saddle. highly recommended.
Sharlene Eichler
horse rider,
"Got my bareback pad with custom order pink trim and love it. Has spinal clearance and stays very secure on my horse’s back without slipping. Lots of padding with a thick sheepskin underside, making it super comfy for me and my horse. "
Kashia Bukowski
horse rider
"I received my TCS yesterday and tried the saddle last night, wow! Just wow! Solo felt so much better so did I, I have a bad hip so I’m hoping I will feel better after a long hack out, watch this space that we both feel better with our TCS."
Feonna Gill
Horse rider
"After problems with competitor saddles I met EDIX saddles through my trainer. After a test drive with one of their saddles I was sold immediately. I can only recommend everyone to try. Top quality, very good fit service with a lot of knowledge."
Ellen Van de Walle
horse rider

Get Started



1:1 Consultation
  • 60min virtual consultation
  • Access our 14 day saddle trial facility
  • Professional feedback & advice
  • FREE digital fitting guide & videos
  • Aftercare & online support


1:1 Consultation
  • In person appointment
  • Professional fitting guidance
  • Trial up to 3 of our treeless saddles on the day
  • Minimum 2hr appointment
  • Aftercare & online support

Have a Question?

We understand that making a saddle purchase can be a big step for many horse owners and we want to help you make sure it’s the right decision by answering any questions you may have. We warmly welcome you to have a friendly, no obligation chat with us to see if we have the right solution for you before embarking on a fitting and trial consultation.

Request a FREE 15min chat with a treeless specialist today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial a saddle?

Yes! We offer 14 day trials of many styles of saddle.

Your trial starts the day your saddle arrives and we are on hand to guide you with as much or little support as you need with our digital guide, videos and calls.

Can I order from you?

We are approved stockists of multiple brands for the UK & Ireland. If you are outside of our approved area you can still avail of the consultation & trial, however we may need to refer you to your local stockist for purchase for some brands.

Will you come out to fit the saddle?

We are regularly on tour within Ireland, so we can offer an in-person service and delivery, however this is dependent on restrictions and lockdowns at this time, so we recommend receiving your saddle directly and sending us photos/videos.

What if I want to return a saddle?

If your saddle is ordered following a virtual fitting, you have a 7 days right to cancel under distance selling regulations if the saddle is new and unused. Any used saddles returned within 30 days are subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee.

We highly recommend trialing before purchasing.

Are all treeless saddles made the same?

No, and we are very careful about the saddles we use and recommend. As part of our commitment, we work with treeless saddlers we trust who share with us how each saddle is designed, manufactured and tested.

Do treeless saddles cause pressure points?

All saddles cause pressure to the horse’s back. However, any incorrectly fitted saddle; treed or treeless has the potential to cause pressure spots which can lead to soreness. Saddle fitting and advice is strongly recommended for all clients.

Have saddles undergone any testing?

Yes, the EDIX soft tree saddles underwent professional Thermography testing in Australia in 2020 and the results showed that the saddle distributed pressure evenly throughout the horse’s back without peak points. We can supply more information and photos on request. 

How do I get started with a trial?

Please book a virtual or in-person consultation to access our trial saddles. We insist on the minimum of a virtual fitting consultation to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your trial and can access our support throughout the process.

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