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Bridle Trial Deposit

Bridle Trial Deposit


This service is only available once you have completed a bridle fit  consultation with

We include a FREE bitless bridle fitting guide (download instantly).

The trial includes 14 days of hire, if you need more you will be charged at €10/week from the total deposit.

Ignore the ex-vat wording on the trial fee, there is no VAT as standard- it is a tempoary hire service.

The amounts shown are the deposit amounts, which are returnable **terms and conditions apply**.
The trial includes the Biggs Multi master bridle as standard.


  1. I understand the bridle trial is 14 days from the date the bridle arrives with me, the customer (postage is tracked) to the date I post the bridle (please retain proof of postage and notify us that the bridle has been returned).
  2. I understand that the deposit will be refunded minus any deductions from outbound shipping, late fees and damage.
  3. I understand that the deposit will be returned in the same method as the payment was made e.g. PayPal/Card.
  4. I understand I am responsible for all shipping costs.
    • For 1-2 bridles (max weight 2kg) shipping is capped at €15 (Ireland – includes return postage) €25 (UK/Europe) €30 (rest of world)
    • For 3+ bridles (max weight 5kg) shipping is capped at €15 (Ireland – includes return postage) €30 (UK/Europe) €75 (rest of world)
    • Late fees are charged at €10/week (lateness due to shipping is not the fault of the customer- we go from the date of postage)
    • Damage is based on assessment e.g. a broken strap – cost to replace, cleaning is only charged if the bridle comes back covered in mud for example. We clean bridles as standard between customer use.
    • Outbound shipping to the customer is deducted from the deposit, the customer is responsible for payment of return shipping at their expense.
    • I understand that I should mark the bridle as a return on the shipping label so that neither VAT nor duty fees will be applied and that any such fees will be deducted from the deposit.
    • I understand I am required to make sure that the package is both tracked and insured for the min value of the deposit upon return, any losses or fees incurred I will be fully responsible for and can be deducted from the deposit.
  5. I agree that when not using the bridle(s), I will keep it safely in the supplied bag and will store the bridle correctly in a warm, dry and secure environment.
  6. I agree that if the bridle is stolen, lost or damaged beyond repair, the deposit is not refundable.
  7. I agree not to share the bridle(s) with any other person – bridles are only intended to be used by the recipient with the horse(s) names in the consultation documentation.
  8. I understand that this service offers no guarantee of success, nor human or horse safety, to those who choose to utilize any of the bridles / fitting services, methods, practices, etc. offered for sale or suggested as resources.
  9. I agree that handling and riding horses are High Risk Activities that hold potential danger: all horses may react unpredictably on occasions no matter how carefully handled, trained or managed
  10.  I understand that I use this service at my own discretion and risk and assume full legal responsibility for myself, my horses, and anyone/anything in the vicinity.
  11.  I understand and have read the above statement and will not hold Holistic Horse Shop, Equine Partnership, or any of its associates, responsible in any way for any loss, damage, injury, etc. irrespective of circumstance, fault, cause or location.

We carefully select products which compliment our holistic approach to horsemanship. Enhancing equine partnerships through science and harmony.

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