The EDIX Cantle Pillow Back Cushion is available in 2 options: black or brown (one size fits all).

How It Works

The EDIX cantle pillow has been designed for the EDIX saddles to add extra cushioning to the cantle. Suitable for reducing the seat size in an instant by approx 1inch. This is really helpful if you have a couple of riders who require slightly different seat sizing OR you would like additional back support in the saddle. Especially popular for mother/daughter shares.

The EDIX cantle pillow is super easy to fit and can be supplied in black or brown (1 size fits all).

The pillow has Velcro panels which stick it to the saddle. 

Simply pull the saddle seat forwards or off completely. Add your seat pillow to the cantle, ensuring the Velcro is the right way up to stick.

Re-apply the seat and there you have it, a slightly smaller, more supported seat.

Courville saddles

Suitable for EDIX treeless saddles with a cantle design as shown above. If you wish to use these for a non-EDIX brand of similar design, it would be best to check that your saddle has the appropriate Velcro in place.