I get asked a lot “which treat pouch do you recommend?” and every time I say check out the Trainers Pouch!

Why? because it’s the best one I’ve found by a mile. I’ve tried cheap ‘fanny packs’ and my pockets, I’ve bought multi compartment bags and the like and there are lots of reasons why I always come back to this, here are some of those reasons.


  • NO ZIPS! – No fannying about trying to get the treat out, it’s soooo easy AND the way it’s designed your horse can’t just grab them, so it’s win win!
  • Washable – Sometimes treats can get wet or the treat might be wet like apple and it can get manky quickly, so being high grade silicone they wash really easily under the tap – no need to wait for a wash cycle.
  • Size – you can choose from the original and the pocket sizing. The original is perfect for longer training sessions or large treats/chaff. The pocket is great for children, small hands, short sessions and I use both together so my pocket is usually my bonus rewards for that extra try.
  • Easy on/off – the belt fits everyone! I use them at clinics because I know they will fit everyone, perfect for training professionals, clinics, workshops.
  • Long lasting – I’ve had mine for years and they get used a LOT! No cracks or splits, they really are superb value for money.
  • No breakable parts that are likely to come in contact with your treats. I’ve had it happen in the past where I’ve pulled out a treat from a material bag and things such as the zip has broken (could end up in your hand!) and bits of material/cotton sometimes come off, especially after a bit of wear. I never need to worry about this with my trainers pouch.
  • Matchy matchy – I love the range of colours to suit the understated AND the colour coordinated brigade.


Photos of one of our many happy customers with her pocket pouch

Okay on the flip side they aren’t as cheap as many of the others, but from experience – buy cheap, buy twice. I’d recommend saving up and treating yourself (no pun intended) to one of these beauties – if you sign up to our newsletter you can get €5 off your next purchase too so why wait?

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